Supporting Local Flight Instructors

Our mission is to help flight instructors earn more income to make ends meet while instructing students. We want to support CFI’s that care about the wellbeing of their students. Instructors are often paid low wages and work long hours to acquire the hours needed to move forward in their careers. 

It’s important that we reinvest into our local aviation communities to keep flight schools and independent CFI’s in business. If you like having the local availability to flight instruction consider buying from your local Hangarbuds ecommerce store. 

Before Hangarbuds flight schools and independent CFI’s struggled with selling quality pilot training products. Managing inventory, shipping, returns, and order fulfillment is a big task. With Hangarbuds CFI’s are able to distribute quality aviation products, earn additional income, and focus on providing top notch flight instruction to their students. 

CFI’s are able to add products they recommend to their store at anytime. This allows the students to be in line with the local CFI’s training by purchasing products recommend by the local CFI.

Additional Student Support

Hangarbuds is here to help flight students progress efficiently through their pilot training process. With years of experience owning and managing flight schools Hangarbuds is able to provide top notch advise to students. Weather it’s where to go for a medical or deciding on what flight school to choose. If you have a question about flight training use the contact us form to get in touch

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