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The Toughman™ TieDown is a new and unique multi-use rope based tie-down system. The Toughman Tie-Down incorporate the patent protected Toughman™ Rope Clamp which has only two moving parts and is manufactured from high performance engineered nylon resin. It is very easy to use, extremely lightweight, high strength and permanently corrosion proof. The Toughman™ Tie-Down product package includes one rope clamp, ten feet of rope, and one corrosion resistant steel hook. Military Tough: The Toughman™ Rope Clamp has undergone rigorous testing by the US Army Soldier Systems Center, “Natick” test labs and has been approved for use on cargo nets and rope support lines on military tents.

10 feet Rope
3/8″” Clamp + hook
Key Benefits
Soft Rope Attachment
No hook needed on clamp end.


    • Quick lock & release: Secure and release loads easily. No complicated feeding of strap material through heavy metal ratchet mechanisms
    • Adjustable rope tension Without tying knots
    • Permanent Tension and Secure Hold Down
    • Does not loosen up under vibration and does not require retightening like some ratchets
    • No Bouncing or Vibration
    • Secured items are held tight. Traditional tie-down bungee products are a very elastic & allow loads to bounce
    • Unlike “high stretch” rubber & and elastic cord tie-downs, the Toughman™ uses braided rope as the restraint medium. Loads can be safely secured without dangerous “elastic stretch” situations.
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10ft Camo, 10ft Red/Yellow


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