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The Quicki Dual Voltage / Dual USB charger is a compact and powerful device for ULTRA FAST charging your portable electronics. Built for rugged use in any 12 or 24 Volt vehicle, it provides 2.4 Amps of charging power to both USB ports (4.8A Max, 60W). A combination of internal over-voltage, over-current and internal UL-approved fuse provide superior protection of your devices while charging. FCC approval ensures the device won’t create RF interference with nearby electronics and radios. Designed for use in Aviation, Marine, Utility applications and Automotive use. Compact design (3″ x 1.1″) with LED status indicator. Tested to ensure compatibility with Apple, Android, Tablet and other USB-compatible devices, the Quicki charger provides super fast recharging.
Dual USB Car Charger With Ultra-Fast 2.4A Charging Capacity On Each USB Port
Dual Voltage – works on any 12 to 24 Volt System – Marine, Aircraft, Truck, Military, Commercial or Automotive
Built-in Over-Voltage and Over-Current Protection; UL-approved internal fuse; FCC Approved to ensure no interference with other electronic devices and radios
Compatible with Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod), Android devices, Tablets and any other USB compatible device
Compact design with power indicator LED – A powerful USB charger to quickly charge your important portable devices


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