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Showcase your online store with a turn key kiosk station! Sale products even when your not around!

This Kiosk Takes 10 Minutes Or Less To Set-Up
We want to make things simple. That’s why we ship this product fully assembled (minus attaching sign). This allows you to be up and running in under 10 minutes!

Step 1: Unpackage the kiosk stand
Step 2: Attach the sign
Step 3: Power on the tablet
Step 4: Plug the stand in

Encourages Customers To Come Take A Look
This kiosk is designed to invite students to shop on your online store! The large sign “Order Pilot Supplies Here” catches the eye of every customer. The screen saver shows after a few minutes of inactivity and shows your branding with a “Shop Flight Training Products” message.

Dedicated For Your Online Store
This kiosk stand is dedicated towards your pilot store. It features a lock out application that keeps customers from accessing other screens. All they will see is your online store! Of course we’ll provide you with a password and instructions on how to disable the lockout application.

Top-Notch Customer Support
Have a question? Need help with a kiosk setting? Give us a shout. Our support is second to none and is 100% based in the United States. Go ahead give it a try. Contact Us Now

7 Day Money Back Guarantee 
Save the shipping box for 7 days. If your not satisfied with your purchase then send us the unit back. We’ll refund your money and pay for return shipping!

What’s Included
– Samsung 10 Inch Tablet
– Kiosk Stand And Artwork
– 15 Ft 90 degree charging cord (slow charger)
– Kiosk Allen wrench, and keys for tablet lock

Approximate Size
Stand Height: 48″ to the top of the tablet case
Stand base depth: 16″

Ordering And Shipping
All kiosk stand orders are fulfilled on first come first serve bases. This stand requires an active Hangarbuds ecom store subscription. Orders are typically shipped in 2-3 weeks. Once order is received we will update you on order status

Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 18 × 50 in

1 review for Kiosk Stand

  1. Anthony Fowler (US Flight Co)

    Signed up for a pilot store and ordered a kiosk stand. I haven’t found anything like this. It has reduced our work load with managing pilot supplies significantly (all we get are order notifications and ACH deposits now). It takes time for new processes to be adopted, the kiosk helps remind CFI’s that our school has a pilot shop. Once you’ve ordered product this way you’ll never want to go back! Great product, and great support!

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