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Pilots (and their passengers) can now find relief from the back pain frequently encountered on cross-country trips through the use of the new inflatable lumbar support produced by

Superior Panel Products. The inflatable air pillow can be installed just under the seat material (don’t re-do your seats without one) or it can be used just by placing it behind your lower back. The inflatable pillow conforms to the lumbar region of your spine and will give you the customized support just where you need it. The additional support will improve disc mechanics, increase flexibility and movement, decrease muscle stiffness and increase blood circulation to facilitate the healing of injured backs. A convenient palm-size pump and a release valve control the firmness of the lumbar support. The unique design offers outstanding comfort and customized support simply by squeezing the pump to inflate or turning the release valve to deflate the lumbar support chamber. The In-Flight Back Support is made of a heavy duty self-extinguishing neoprene rubber, specially designed to pass FAR 23.853 flame-test requirements. Copies of flame test available upon request.

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