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MODEL C352TS – Halon 1211
Typical use: Cockpit/Cabin

The C352TS can be found on a wide variety of commercial and general aviation aircraft, from Boeings to Cessnas. Similar in size,

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Agent weight 2.5 lb. / 1.134 kg
Gross weight 4.9 lb. / 2.211 kg
Discharge range 9-15 ft. / 2.7- 4.6 m
Discharge time 10 sec.
Height 14.5 in. / 36.8 cm
Width 4.5 in. / 11.4 cm
Cylinder diameter 3.0 in. / 7.6 cm
UL rating 5B:C
Bracket Double Strap (Standard)
Shelf Life
The inspection and maintenance requirements for gauged fire extinguishers such as model C354TS, C352TS and A344T per NFPA 10 call for a 6-year maintenance and a 12-year hydrostatic test calculated from the month and year of manufacture. As long as the extinguisher undergoes the maintenance and passes the test it can remain in service.

H3R Aviation calculates the remaining shelf life of its gauged fire extinguishers by comparing the timing of the 6-year maintenance to the month and year of manufacture per the following formula.

(72 months – Months elapsed from manufacture date) / 72 months = Shelf life remaining

For example, if an extinguisher was manufactured in February of 2009 and the current month is June 2009, it has a remaining shelf life of 94%.

(72 months – 4 months) / 72 months = 94%
Tech Data (PDF)
H3R Shelf-Life Documentation (PDF)


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