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The Gleim Instrument Pilot Kit is an all-in-one training program designed to expedite training for the Instrument rating. This kit contains what you need (except airplane and instructor!) to become instrument rated.

Test Prep Online is compatible on all operating systems and mobile devices or tablets with an Internet connection.

Set Contents:
Aviation Weather and Weather Services
Gleim Aviation Weather and Weather Services provides you with an up-to-date compilation of the FAA’s weather publications in one easy-to-understand reference book. This book explains the FAA’s Aviation Weather (AC 00-6A) and Aviation Weather Services (AC 00-45G), along with other Advisory Circulars.
Gleim Aviation Weather and Weather Services is an exceptional study text for topics and information relating to the FAA instrument rating and will help you be prepared for the oral portion of your instrument rating practical test.

Flight Bag
Whether you are a student pilot or have been flying for years, you need a flight bag for carrying important documents and flight gear. Our flight bag is fully functional for in-flight organization and provides quick access to all necessary equipment.

Gleim Cap
This adjustable black cap features an embroidered Gleim logo on the front and is 100% cotton. Its sleek look and light weight make it perfect to wear at the airport or on your day off.

FAA Test Prep Online-Instrument Pilot
Gleim FAA Test Prep Online contains all the detailed study outlines, FAA questions, and on-screen charts and figures you need to study for and pass the Instrument Pilot FAA Knowledge Test in one unique, easy-to-use program.
Gleim Test Prep Online is the industry leader in self-study for the FAA Knowledge Tests.

Instrument Flight Maneuvers book, 5th Ed.
The Gleim Instrument Pilot Flight Maneuvers and Practical Test Prep book is designed to simplify and facilitate your flight training. Through discussions and detailed illustrations, this book teaches you each flight maneuver or other subject area task (such as preflight preparation) prior to your flight lesson. Thus, you will be thoroughly prepared to spend more quality time in the airplane. This book will make your flight training easier to understand and is a must for study prior to your FAA practical test.

Instrument Pilot FAA Knowledge Test book
The primary purpose of the Gleim Instrument Pilot FAA Knowledge Test book is to provide you with the easiest, fastest, and least-expensive means of passing the FAA knowledge test. Gleim Knowledge Transfer Outlines at the beginning of each study unit concisely present the relevant material needed to answer questions selected from previously released FAA test banks as well as questions that have been developed from current FAA reference materials.

Instrument Pilot Syllabus
The Gleim Instrument Pilot Syllabus is a step-by-step lesson plan for your instrument rating training. This book presents a complete ground and flight training course of study designed to expedite completion of your instrument rating.

Instrument Pilot Training Record
The Gleim Instrument Pilot Training Record serves as your primary flight training file, providing better documentation of all your training in one book. By presenting all the necessary tasks, this record will help you expedite your training while making sure all necessary requirements are covered. In addition, the Instrument Pilot Training Record complies with both 14 CFR Part 61 and Part 141 training requirements.
System Requirements
Internet Explorer version 7 or Higher
Firefox version 15 or Higher
Safari version 5.1 or Higher
Mobile: This program will work on most mobile devices, including iPad, Android, Windows Phone 7, and Blackberry


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