Flashlight, cliplight, and headlamp in one compact device.

This multifunction light can replace a whole bag full of flashlights and headlamps, but it’s small enough to carry on every adventure—perfect for the hangar, airplane, garage, and campsite. Rugged aluminum construction and long-lasting LEDs mean you can count on the 3-in-1 Pilot’s Light for years of service, but the simple operating logic is easy to use in a dark cockpit. Whether you’re inspecting the landing gear or lighting up the panel, this light can do it all.

Three modes:

• Flashlight: light up the engine compartment or preflight the tail with two levels of bright white light
• Cliplight: twist the head 90 degrees and use the clip to attach to a hat, seatbelt, or pocket
• Headlamp: use the included elastic headband to make this light completely hands-free
Two levels of white light from the pivoting flashlight head
One level of red light from the task light on the side
Smart button sequence—never have two colors on simultaneously
Pivoting magnetic base instantly attaches to toolboxes
Rechargeable battery (plugs into any standard USB port) lasts up to 5 hours
Measures 5.5”l x 0.8”w.


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