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The AC-200FB PNR™ headset offers simple and affordable PNR™ (passive noise reduction) performance and is perfect for student pilots or extra an extra headset.

It features the same Full Flex Boom that is offered on the high-end Avcomm headset line. It is easy to adjust so that the mic is in the correct location for clear precise communications.

Ultra-lite Neodymium speakers give you richer, smoother frequency response for both voice and music, while producing incredible efficiency that emphasizes higher frequencies. The powerful magnetic core and diaphragm are the perfect choice for higher sensitivity and optimized response.

The speaker, a thin-lightweight 4/10th’s of an ounce, reduces headset weight for added comfort. Audio performance notches up even higher with the advanced speaker installation technique that reduces internal ear cup vibrations while increasing noise attenuation.

The AC200FB PNR™ features an M65 microphone with a ceramic hybrid active filtering chip that amplifies desired voice signals while eliminating up to 75% of unwanted background noise so that you can be heard more clearly in even the noisiest of environments like open cockpits. Additionally, the pre-amp circuit is immune to environmental changes, will not corrode, and has a much longer life than conventional PCB based products.

Additional features include rugged stainless steel construction, easy-to-adjust headband, simple operation, volume control, an acoustic mic muff to protect the mic against moisture and wind noise, gold plated mic and headphone plugs, high impact ABS ear cups, durable copper wire with spiral shielding to eliminate RF interference and a polyurethane cover for added abrasion resistance and flexibility. Combining PNR technology with advanced performance features makes the AC200FB PNR™ the best value on the market. Full five-year factory warranty.
Simple and affordable PNR™ performance
FULL Flex Boom
Dual volume controls for rt and lt ears
Incredible voice clarity
Higher noise attenuation
Ultra-lite Neodymium speakers
Volume control and easy to adjust stainless steel headband
Acoustic foam ear seals and acoustic mic muff
M-65 microphone with active filtering chip
Lighter weight; weighs only 13.4 oz.
Full five-year factory warranty
Speaker Specifications:
Impedance: 300 ohms/mono
Frequency Range: 100-17,000 Hz
Sensitivity: 101dB with 1mW input
Volume control attenuation: 23 dB

Microphone Specifications:
Type: Electret noise canceling mic
Freq. response: 300-8,000 Hz
Mic source resistance: 220-2200 ohms
Boom type: Wire spring

Technical Specifications
NRR: 24 dB
Hardware: Stainless steel
Domes: ABS high impact plastic
Weight: 13.4 oz.


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