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Blue, soft cover, 7-3/4″ x 4-1/8″, 16 pages. Ideal as a pilot’s first logbook and for introductory flight give-away.

The finest and most verstile logbooks for aviators. ASA’s logbooks have been “The Standard” of the industry for over 30 years and comply with the FAA’s recordkeeping requirements. With so many options, there is a logbook that’s right for you. Versatile, easy-to-use and flexible enough to fit any pilot’s needs, student or ATP.
This new introductory logbook is perfect for flight instructors and flight schools to start students out with an inexpensive logbook. With space for 16 separate flight entries, a ground instruction log, several solo endorsements, and a separate log for each type of aircraft flown, this logbook is great for introductory flights, first flight lessons, promotional give-aways and more.

ISBN: 978-1-56027-653-1
Dimensions: 7-3/4″ x 4-1/8″
Page Count: 16 pages
Weight: 0.05 lbs
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