Donate To An Aviation Professional

Donate 5% of every transaction to the aviation professional of your choice!

Donate To Aviation

How Does It Work?

Simply shop Hangarbuds store, and checkout. After transaction is complete you’ll be directed to the donate page. Fill out the donate form and submit! 

Choose how the receiver gets their donation. Options include paper check or ACH deposit.

Paper Check VS ACH Deposit

Paper Check: Receiver will get a paper check with a letter. This letter will include your donate form message

ACH Deposit: Receiver will get an email with instructions on how to accept the donation via ACH. Your donate form message will be included in the mail as well.


Yes. We'll send the donation to any entity of your choice. If for some reason the entity will not accept (hasn't happened yet) we'll notify you.

Yes. We're a fully functioning online aviation store. Your order will be fulfilled by us or one of our product vendors.

Hangarbuds creates aviation specific ecommerce stores. These "partners" will have their own fully functioning ecommerce store with personalized branding. Store partners receive a percentage of product profits from each sale. Open a store here

Who Is Hangarbuds?

Hangarbuds is an aviation ecommerce store focused on supporting local aviation professionals. Every transaction through our store or our partner stores is donated to an aviation professional.

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